SSU Training Videos

What to look for:

  • Pivot rush (equipment hurries through fall line)

  • Lack of Pivot (equipment never comes out of fall line)

  • Washy equipment (lack of pressure engagement)

  • Speed dump (over pressure at end of turn)

  • Effective vs. ineffective transition

  • Edge catch (pre-mature flattening)

  • Lack of pop (weak pressuring)

Interski 2011 Canada Keynote Lecture

The relation between driving a 10 speed truck and skiing and riding

Good and Bad Snowboard Edging

Gliding Wedge and Christie

High End Carving

Adult Wedge Christie

Park Session

Intermediate Skiing

Pivot Rush / Non Pivot Rush

Golf Swing (Spoof)

Experiential Education

DG Throw

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