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Check out the links below for the resources our training program recommends!

Clinic Materials & Testing

Log Jam and Birch Run Test-Outs

These test-outs serve as a means to help you recall content and tactics for park coaching. The test-outs also serve as a convenient alternative to on-snow training sessions. Any SSU employee who has attained a FAST level in the past three seasons may take the corresponding quiz before they take a class for any terrain park. Completing these test-outs with others is acceptable and encouraged.

The Birch Run test-out clears the instructor for both Log Jam and Birch Run parks. The Log Jam test-out clears the instructor for Log Jam only. Your test-out will be reviewed and assessed by the Training Manager before you are cleared to teach parks without an on-snow refresher. Please complete the appropriate test-out using the links provided here:

Birch Run Test-Out
Log Jam Test-Out

Comprehensive Pre-Season Check for Understanding
(Blood Bourne Pathogens, Difficult Guests, Sexual Harrasment and Mountain Safety)

Please click here to complete the test-out.

Teaching Level 1 Snowboarders: No Slam

Check out this informative narrative about teaching "no slam" level one riding lessons!

No Slam: Level One Riders

Teaching Level 1 Skiers: Developing Fundamental Movements

Ski instructors, you should read this narrative for teaching level one skiers!

Developing Fundamental Movements

Class and behavior management are critical skills to teaching groups of children how to ski or ride. These documents provide helpful tips every instructor should know:

Class/Behavior Management Tips
Laterality and Directionality
Steps for Solving Problems with Children


PSIA/AASI Eastern Division
PSIA/AASI National

Reference Materials

Helpful reference cards! See Greg Fatigate for laminated pocket-friendly versions!

Your Day in Camp
Pocket Level Descriptions 1 - 4
Pocket Level Descriptions 5 - 9
CAP Knowledge for Discovery 1
CAP Knowledge for Discovery 2
CAP Knowledge for Adventure 1
CAP Knowledge for Adventure 2
CAP Knowledge for Notch Squad/Explorers 1
CAP Knowledge for Notch Squad/Explorers 2
Spanish for Lessons Quick Ref

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