SSU Professional Development Pay Matrix

We value your commitment to professional development. Training for, and achieving of certifications is compensated as below.
In addition to making you a more versatile member of the team (therefore allowing Supervisors to assign you more work), and improving your teaching and guest service skills (enabling you to gain more requested private lessons), training and achievement of certifications earn pay increases, turning your hard work not only into increased potential income, but increased hourly income.

Achievement Pay Increase
AASI/PSIA Membership $0.25
AASI/PSIA Level 1 $0.25
AASI/PSIA Level 2 $1.00
AASI/PSIA Level 3 $1.00
Childrens Specialist 1 $0.25
Childrens Specialist 2 $0.25
Freestyle Specialist 1 $0.25
Freestyle Specialist 2 $0.25
Freestyle Specialist 3 $0.25

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