Welcome to the SFU SNAP Site!

"SNAP" is the Smugglers' Notch Adaptive Program, and it provides year-round therapeutic recreation for individuals of all ages with cognitive and physical disabilities. Counseling for SNAP is structured in a different way from our other programs due to the intensive nature of Counselor to camper relationships: usually, Counselors work with only one or two campers instead of a large group to ensure that all of the camper's needs are met in a constructive, safe, and fun environment.

SNAP is structured into full- and half-day programs. While participation in all 5 days of a full-day camp is recommended, camps are also available to families at a per diem rate if they prefer. All SNAP programs begin promptly at 9 am, with half-day morning sessions concluding at noon and half-day afternoon sessions running from 1 until 4 pm. Additionally, SNAP offers families the option of participating in a SNAP group (all campers are enrolled in SNAP) or in an inclusion program, which places the camper and his or her Counselor in a DC/TB/ADV/NS/EXP camp group.

To help facilitate smooth operation of the SNAP program, the SNAP site provides many of the same functions as other programs' pages, along with some additional resources. Visit the links on the left to explore the tools and information available to help you succeed as a SNAP Counselor. If you have any questions about SNAP, any of the resources available on this site, or are interested in working as a SNAP Counselor, please contact the Program Director, Alisa Anderson, at extension 8502 (802.644.8502) or via email at aanderson@smuggs.com.

One quick but important reminder for any Counselor working SNAP: there is a pay difference between counseling for other camps and counseling for SNAP camps. You will need to cross-swipe when you are working for a program outside of SNAP when you are a primary SNAP Counselor, and when you are working for SNAP if you are primary to a different program. Directions for cross-swiping are posted above the swipe terminal at the Shop vestibule.

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